Imagine kids having the time of their lives while the parents indulge in shopping together for some time. Its a dream situation for any family when the story becomes: Parents Shopping and Kids Enjoying..

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Parents. Shopping. Kids. PLAYAREA. Yaaay. Whoooo. AAAAAH. Parents. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Smile. Yaay. Parents. Kids. Smile. Yaay.

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The next word of course is Playwell. At Playwell, we believe that the value of fun can never be over-emphasized, and we make sure every kid, when with us, lives this value. But we go a step further in helping those who treasure our little ones live a fun of its own kind.

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About Us

Company and Director

Playwell Impex Private Ltd. is a leading toy import, distribution and retail company in India. We at Playwell believe in providing maximum variety to children when it comes to the most important and most enjoyable of their activities: playing. We believe that no 2 kids see the same toy in the same way, and in fact, no 2 parents do either. Everybody wants their children to get something valuable out of having fun, and this value forms the core of all that we do.

Established in April 2007, Playwell now has a reach of over 1500 retail outlets across the country. With an ever-growing demand for toys in the market and established worldwide brands as our partners, we dissolve all physical boundaries and make sure every kid gets the toy he/she dreams of.


Mission and Vision


Be in a relentless pursuit of creating an effective distribution network to market and promote high quality toys for children.


All kids are created equally special, but each kid is special in his own way. At Playwell, our mission is to create the kid-o-centricĀ world.


    • Do not leave a stone unturned in meeting customers requirements.
      Better relations with customers by
          Bringing in from across the globe and selling only those toys that create a play-value for children
          Selling all our products at competitive prices
          Ensuring quality and then bettering it
          Delivering on-time



Playwell promise benefits of expertise, as the promoters are equipped with well experienced in toy distribution.


Playwell's focus is always on creating an effective distribution network to market and promote high quality products. The Company today boasts of 13 distributors across country and has given special emphasis in marketing these products to individual stores / institutional buyers / key accounts..


Besides distribution of Toys, Playwell has pioneered entertainment centers specialized for children between 0 to 8 years. Playwell promises a play area with exciting, innovation play opportunities monitored by trained man power. Playwell is amongest India,s largest children entertaiment center with Playzone in different cities across India.


As our company,s mission statement suggests, we do not leave any stone unturned in strengthening the brand in the market. We belive in the brand just the way a brand owner does, thus truly becoming brand custodians.



We ensure that our products are available to consumers at all times at the right places, evidenced by our products presence in 1500 retail outlets across the nation. In addition to having a distributorship that enables our reach to extend wide into the nations speciality store market, we directly serve our customers through some of the largest retail names in India Inc. 120 of the 1500 retail outlets are major retailers, the most notable ones being.